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The Perfect Storm #32 :iconlostinthetrees:LostInTheTrees 57 34 Armbine, Killer of Gods :iconcarno231:carno231 2 6 Taming a Swarmlord :iconcarno231:carno231 1 0 Fox! Tzeentch :iconcarno231:carno231 2 0
The Equinox Wars: Chapter 21
Chapter 21: The Daemon and The Sincubi
The Group, in the company of Armbine and Artios, went back to their world through another teleporter that they have. They prepared Tzeentch, who is wounded by Armbine after just entering their world, to travel to where his Wife lives. There is only one problem, they need to get through another army, who is lead by his son.
“So, his son leads an army right?” Asked Shade
“Yes, we have our own elite troops and normal troops. The elite troops consist of a mixture of men and women from many different multi-dimensions. We’ve been busy recruiting them, since we need more troops that would help us protect their world and other worlds alongside warriors such as I and Tzeentch here.” Said Khorne
“Good morning class, we are about to study about—“
“What was that?” Asked Juan
“Oh, he usually mumbles when he’s knocked out, he has his own r
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The Equinox Wars: Chapter 20
Chapter 20: The Killer and Saviour of Gods
Armbine, Killer of Gods, the Divine Scourge, Father of Chaos, this is the man they were searching for. The group can feel the raw power emanating from him, it’s very essence is so powerful, that it made the air heavy and the temperature rise. As he stopped laughing, he took a good look at everyone, and looked at the battered Chaos God in his feet, and picked him up by the neck.
“Well, tell me, why are you and your, friends, here Tzeentch?” Asked Armbine
“Uh I think he is currently K.O’d.” Said Slaanesh
Armbine took a minute to try and wake him up, by wake him up, hitting him so hard that it’s hurting him a lot more than waking him up. He stopped and sighed, before snapping his fingers, causing everyone to teleport into a different location, causing the landscap
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The Equinox Wars: Chapter 19
Chapter 19: Harmful Help
As they have finished deciding if they were to call for “Him”, even when Tzeentch heavily disagree and fully recent the idea of calling for “Him”, they came up with a conclusion and voted whether to call him or not. Tzeentch lost with just one vote, which was his, he still has to follow them to where “He” lives. Tzeentch is the only one who knows where, since he and his “Master” once spar with him, with the victor being his master. Tzeentch fears “Him” because he once nearly killed the God of Fear, which makes it ironic when he is not only afraid of him, but has phobias such as Arachnophobia; the fear of spiders, and Claustrophobia; the fear of tight spaces, after they went into an enclosed space and a spider fell on his face.
They reached the teleporter room where they turned on the generator, now all they need to do is to set up the coordinates to travel to the place where
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The Equinox War: Chapter 14
Chapter 14: Revelations
It has been a week since the incident, the group has been uneasy about each other since. Since Shade and Flare brought them into the war, they have grown a little subtle towards each other. Shade and Annie were still testing the teleporter, Vic is visiting Styx in the medical bay and the others are going through their average chores. Flare and Juan however, are talking privately towards each other in Flares room.
“Flare why is your room extremely bright?” Asked Juan
“I’m a Sprite; we sleep better in places with a lot of light.” Said Flare
“Oh... Have you decided to you know, tell the others?” Asked Juan
“No, not yet. There is something that has been bothering since you told me about your vision.” Said Flare
“And that is?” Asked Juan
“About how Shade would react.” Said Flare
“And why is that?” Asked Juan
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Building Bridges - Page 21 :iconsomepony:Somepony 130 45 BOE book4 27 :iconshieltar:Shieltar 155 112 ES' CYS 001: ''Derpy Start'' :iconestories:EStories 127 522 Ask Pun - Attack of the Kelpie 6 :iconwadusher0:Wadusher0 44 8 FiM TNtMD - Page 136: The End :iconarofatamahn:ArofaTamahn 515 319 Journey to the LR #19: The Lovable Lies of Luna :iconcaustizer:Caustizer 31 18 Eternal Twilight part 3 :iconjuanrock:juanrock 203 86 MLP Project 368 :iconmetal-kitty:Metal-Kitty 245 74


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Oh boy so armbine revenge chapter II is gonna take a long time so I decided to make it in parts. Alright so it may take awhile so be patient please and thank you.
All Armbine knew was rage, and pain. Rage for what he did the pain for the loss. Who is he you say? Well he is none other than equinox all powerful being and creator of reality, and who was the loss well you'll know eventually.

Hours earlier  

It pretty much all started when I was trying to kill equinox reason why well that story is for another time. Now we have the aftermath I left and waiting for the next time I could fight him. There's just one thing I really hate when fighting is surprises I really hate surprises. So I went back to my home to prepare a attack.

“How's everything going.” said Armbine

“It is going great master the armor upgrades were successful so are our weapons.” Responded the soldier

“Brilliant” said Armbine

I have a lot of power and not just my army, me myself I can take over entire universes why I don't always do it well it causes problem, people notice, and I have to deal with them that is how I meet equinox in the first place. Another thing I want to say is
everyone has weaknesses and nothing lasts forever! It doesn't matter if it's stupid or obvious, or it takes a day or billions of years.

“Hey rainbine!” Armbine yelled

As he said the last world a blue blur flies across the base.

“Yes master!” Yelled rainbine

“I need you to grab a couple of people, and they will join us if they resist force them like we did to some of the ones we have now.” Said Armbine

“So who will these people be?” Asked rainbine

“Their names are sunset Shimmer and twilight sparkle, and I mean the equestria girls version of sunset shimmer, and twilight sparkle.” Said Armbine  

“What are you gonna do sir?” Rainbine questioned

“I'm gonna go meet someone.” Armbine said

As Armbine was going he went to one last place, as he opened the door he heard a voice that he knew very well.

“Hello dear you going out again?” Said the woman

“Yes I am, and I'm going to take you with me we are going on a revenge mission for equinox.” said Armbine

“Really are you sure about that? I might get hurt.” Said the woman

“Of course I am Livia, I can keep you safe” said Armbine

“I know I am just worried.” Said Livia

“Well don't be, you will be fine, be ready in a few minutes ok?” Asked Armbine

“Of course Armbine.” Said Livia

“Good meet me at the entrance to the base when your done.” Said Armbine

“Got it” replied Livia

As Armbine left rainbine appeared in front of him.

“Do you have them?” Armbine questioned

“Yes master.” Answered rainbine

Rainbine pulled on a chain and two humans appeared both injured but alive.

“I'm guessing they didn't want to join?” Asked Armbine

“Nope!” Rainbine answered

“That is not a problem at all.” Said Armbine

Armbine raised his hands and putted them on their foreheads, then a black aura was surrounding Armbine. All of a sudden the black aura shot into their foreheads, after that their eyes were black.

“Perfect” hissed Armbine

“Should I heal them and take them to the barracks?” Asked rainbine

“Yes we will need them for the battle coming up.” Replied Armbine

“Yes master.” Said rainbine

As rainbine left he yelled for medical attention, and a team showed up. Armbine took a walk to the entrance he was in no rush. He was remembering his last battle with equinox. After that he was thinking on how to defeat him. He thinks he can't be killed I will show him. He continued to ramble on until he reached the entrance of the base. When he got there his entire army was working. He flew up and started the talk.

“Soldiers and allies may I have your attention!!” Armbine commanded

The entire place froze and faced Armbine.

“We are going to go on a revenge mission to finally defeat equinox!!” Yelled Armbine

The army roared in approval. So Armbine told them they would come when he told them at the right time. Armbine went back down and joined with Livia, open a portal to lunar isolation pg 129-130.

“This is gonna be fun!” Armbine said enthusiastically
Armbine's Revenge Chapter 1 Preparation
So my first story hope you like it! This is a beginning of something good I hope so let's see.(Spot any mistakes comment down below.)
Hello two people and the Radom people that might show up. I've decided to get serious, currently I am writing a story and I hope you like it. I mean it is the first so it is probably gonna be mistakes so yeah. So look out for a story in the next few days! Have a nice day!


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